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An area for App Developers and Solution Providers.

“Today, I’m announcing that we’re making even more government data available, and we’re making it easier for people to find and to use. And that’s going to help launch more start-ups. It’s going to help launch more businesses… It’s going to help more entrepreneurs come up with products and services that we haven’t even imagined yet.”
– President Obama, May 9, 2013
"Giving Americans Easier Access to Their Own Data" 

Where are the Developer Resources?

Been here before but don't recognize the pages?  Here's why...

We are moving the Developer Site to new servers and a new look-and-feel to better-serve videos and tutorials that explain how to implement the Green Button - to read the files/streams.  And, for utility developers: to make it easier to write the files/streams.  If you are a programmer, please visit our new Github site:

In that idea, we are improving the sample code we make available for you to do your implementations; including working to provide samples on various platforms.  We are also looking to help integrate with the NREL utility-rate database and provide better-integration with the EPA's EnergyStar Portfolio Manager.

Certification of utility Download My Data (DMD) and Connect My Data (CMD) are available today.  We're working on certification for third-party applications; look for more in early 2021 at

We're still making changes; thanks for sticking with us.
If you are interested in
Validating a Green Button File for compliance to the standard or
interested in
DMD or CMD Certification of your utility/provider implementation (utilities/providers, "Data Custodians"), see the above links under "Verification Tools."

Should you need help with something right-away, please feel free to contact us at the Green Button Alliance:
Thank you for your patience,

Green Button Alliance Staff & Members

Working with Solar?

“Utility-provided Green Button customer usage data are highly sought-after by solar and solar software companies as it enables solar installers, financiers, and energy service companies to evaluate projects and savings faster and with more accuracy. Public-purpose programs, including demand response and energy efficiency programs, also benefit.”