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Green Button Data
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 The Green Button initiative is an industry-led effort that responds to a 2012 White House call-to-action to provide utility customers with easy and secure access to their energy usage information in a consumer-friendly and computer-friendly format for electricity, natural gas, and water usage.
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Which of these is You?

Help us find you the resources you need, whether you're a homeowner, renter, in-charge of your company's utility bills, or operating a utility...
Homeowners & Renters

Homeowners & Renters

Homes, Condos, Apartments, Townhouses, and more

Thinking about Solar?  Spending too much on electricity?  Is natural-gas heating a good option for you?  Have any idea how-much water you use in a day?
The Green Button on your utility’s website is how you get your “digital receipt” in a computer-readable format.



Owners, COOs, Facility Managers, & Accountants

In a “Triple-Net” Lease and need to cut costs?  Want to know when you use the most energy? Have multiple meters and very little visibility into costs?  Wondering if Solar would make sense?  Know if your irrigation systems leak?
Get answers with the Green Button.

Developers Pages


Web, Pads, Phones, UI, UX, SaaS, & B2B Software Providers

Making Solar Array financing calculators?  Have a comparison website for energy resellers?  Gamifying energy savings?  Looking to provide historical, interval data - without hardware?
Incorporate the Green Button XML standard into your offering.

Utilities & Munis

Utilities & Munis

Electricity, Natural Gas, Water, as IOU, Muni, Co-op, or Aggregation

Need to meet open-data standards?  Need to provide customers their usage data?  Want to offload support to complementary third-party companies.  Concerned about security and proprietary solutions?
The Green Button is for you.

Solar & Storage

Companies in the on-site Generation or Battery industries

Sell solar or batteries to residential, comercial, or industrial customers?  Financing those installations?  Looking for resources to make the job easier while providing a bespoke solution to your customers?
Green Button Data and Third-Party Access can help.

What Green Button means to them

Member-Representatives of the Green Button Alliance tell their stories...

“Green Button has been instrumental in transforming the way London Hydro engages with our customers. London Hydro deploys Green Button data via cloud computing to enable our residential customers to access their usage data and shift high-peak usage, and for our commercial or institutional customers to manage building energy consumption across multiple facilities and campuses. Green Button is enabling us to offer new programs and services.”

“Green Button removes the manual data-collection and -access barrier for Commercial and Industrial sector users. Building owners and property managers can easily retrieve utility-provided Green Button consumption data in a consistent format across multiple utilities and utility types, arming them with the information and solution-enabled insights to ensure those buildings perform efficiently. This saves time, costs, and the environment.”

“Energyworx delivers insights and business value to energy system operators, retailers, and prosumers. For facility managers, the Energyworx platform monitors and correlates relevant datasources to help manage multiple locations by setting usage thresholds, benchmarking accounts and identifying opportunities to save. Energyworx leverages Green Button to obtain standardized energy consumption data, eliminating the need to support various utility protocols and streamlines the customer authorization process, so our applications can securely access the data.”

“Utility-provided Green Button customer usage data are highly sought-after by solar and solar software companies as it enables solar installers, financiers, and energy service companies to evaluate projects and savings faster and with more accuracy. Public-purpose programs, including demand response and energy efficiency programs, also benefit.”

Our Membership is Here to Help You with the Green Button

The Green Button Alliance thanks the forward-looking companies and organizations who are members of the Green Button Alliance for their support. Vist the Green Button Alliance to meet our members.